Life Without the Breadwinner

Life Without the Breadwinner

Couples often avoid discussing death and its financial consequences. We look at how the internet can be used to kick start this conversation and provide families with peace of mind.

Nobody likes to think about the death of their loved ones, especially their husband or wife. However for many American families if the main breadwinner should die then the family would be in very serious financial trouble. Given the pace of family life and squeamishness most of us do not deal with the financial impact on our family of our husband’s death. However, we insure our homes, cars, boats, toys, the health cost of our family even our pets, but our largest asset commonly goes uninsured. Yes, the bread winner is the family’s largest asset. Death is something we do not like talking about but not dealing with the financial impact will only make this difficult time more troublesome for you and your family.


We need your blood!

Unfortunately the traditional way to buy life insurance does not help. Not only do you need to bring the subject up, but you then have to get a salesman involved and wait weeks to get the matter resolved.There is no simple quick way for couples to deal with this issue. The process of buying life insurance is not enjoyable; it’s difficult to understand the different options, we do not like dealing with a salesman and we do not like going through an exam that includes the drawing of blood and other lab results. Even when all those issues are confronted the life insurance industry typically can make you wait for a month to tell you what coverage you can have and how much it will cost. More often than not the price you were originally quoted has increased, after putting all that effort in you feel obliged to take the new higher price on offer. While you and your spouse may agree that life insurance makes sense you quickly get derailed by the process and nothing ever happens.

Making Life Insurance Easy

In the age of the internet it would appear that the life insurance industry is still stuck in the 1970’s, lots of paper, fax machines and you always have to deal with a salesman. One attempt to short circuit this process is now available. Instead of waiting weeks, you wait minutes. Rather than old school taking your blood decisions are made through online enquiry. Rather than mailing checks all payments are done electronically and immediately. There are no salespeople you just go onto the internet and complete the process on your PC or tablet. There are also no follow up telephone calls from telemarketers. The name of this solution is allows you and your spouse to select the product and coverage best for you, everything is clearly laid out. The great news is that you never need to deal with any salesman, meetings, phone interviews or exams. This does not mean you are alone; support is there for you via phone, chat or web, you choose how much support you need.

Instead of gathering together all your medical and personal history you just answer a small number of questions about your spouse, you will also need their driving license number and either a debit card or your check book. All of the information can be entered in less than five minutes. Within a few minutes you will be told if you have been accepted. If you are accepted and most people are, you will then be emailed your policy. Once your payment has gone through you are covered, you have taken care of your family. You can insure your spouse’s life for up to $350,000, which covers the needs of the vast majority of Americans. also welcomes smokers and non-smokers. In many cases it makes sense for both husbands and wives to both get insurance,  allows that too. Unlike many other products will also cover stay at home moms and other non-working spouses.

So is there any catch? At this point the site is limited to term life insurance policies with a benefit maximum of $350,000. We were not able to compare pricing against other leading carriers, but we would not be surprised if premiums are slightly higher due to the easy underwriting and no medical examination requirements. So what’s the bottom line? If you or your spouse need term life insurance and have been procrastinating getting it because you do not want to meet with a salesman or endure an examination is an option you might want to consider. And while we always encourage consumers to compare pricing, for those wishing to avoid the time and hassle involved in the life insurance process a slightly higher premium may be more than worth the extra cost. Compared to the alternative of doing nothing we would encourage you and your spouse to start a conversation about how to safeguard your family if the unforeseen should happen.

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Been in financial service since 1984 and move agency and online business model to the internet in 2013. Our business continues to provide insurance products online as well as consumer products that consumers want and need. Helping families realize their dreams and goals while improving their lifestyle today and at retirement - the way they dreamed it would be.
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