The Value of Indexing

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The Value of Indexing

Isn’t it interesting how business news reports always talk about volatility in the stock market as if it is something new or unusual? It doesn’t take more than a cursory look back through history to see that the stock market has always been a bumpy ride.

Of course, today’s environment is made even more challenging by the fact that real estate values have declined and interest rates are at historic lows.

About 15 years ago, an insurance company created an innovative new way to credit interest to its customer accounts, a method called “indexing.” Its goal was to find a way for its customers’ money to be free from risk of loss yet have its interest rate at least partially based upon stock market growth.

Indexing proved so popular that it rapidly spread to dozens of insurance companies, and industry sales of products using indexing have grown consistently year after year since then.


The benefits of indexing for you are very easy to see. If you have an annuity or life insurance policy that has a cash value, then in a year that a major stock market index increases substantially, you can receive a much higher interest credit than you would on a traditional fixed rate account. And yet, in a year that the stock market index declines or even crashes, you lose nothing and are completely protected from the decline.

Most people are amazed to hear that such a combination of safety and attractive interest rates exists, but it does. It’s real, and I would love to share the details with you.

Just let me know you are interested, and I’ll fill you in.

I’m pleased to share this newsletter with you to keep in touch and pass along a few helpful tips. Please give me a call if you would like to discuss any of your insurance needs. Also, if you have questions regarding ways you can build your retirement assets or set up an effective retirement income flow, I can assist you. If you haven’t scheduled an annual review yet, I encourage you to give me a call to get that set up so we can make sure all your goals are on track.

Wayne McLeod
Licensed Affiliate Agent

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