MFGS Partners System

MFGS Partners System Webinars

Note Only MY Direct Agents are getting this Message – Webinars will help you get your agents a free cash back card and appointed with National Brokerage Life & Annuity Division with complete client manage program and NBGo System.

Get Free Cash Back Card Before Seminars:          CLICK HERE NOW


MFGS Client System

MFGS Partners System

To participate in next seminar go to Contact Page and request invitation to next schedule online Webinar by Wayne McLeod. Between now and this week-end I plan to do 6 webinars with follow-up individual interviews to help you launch your Agency and/or affiliate business to dominate in your area. I want to help you build your business with the products and services available with our system. Focus on one and the other areas will develop.

Example on the affiliate site – you generate $5000 in business revenue you earn $1,250 for sending people to your website. You have 5 affiliates on your team that earns $1,000 each a month you earn 30% or $5,000 x 30% = $1,500. Your total income $3,000 or $36,000 a year part-time with you and a team of 5 doing 1 insurance sale a week on the average.

On the licensed side of our business with the NBGo System. Very similar program to the 1Click Platform but you must be licensed as an insurance agent. Here you walk you prospect through the non-med application and get policy issued and earn 3 x as much or $1,250 x 3 = $3,750 on the average of $5,000 a month in premium or one sale a week. Go with fully underwritten policy – provide the quote, run the illustration and complete a one page app and National Brokerage will complete the app, get policy issued and return policy to you for delivery. Keeping you and the client informed throughout the process.

More products are available including annuities, cash back program and partners program for businesses and non-profits. I have decided to focus on cash back and insurance with all else falling into place.

Request Webinar Link Go To:

Complete form and request Webinar Schedule.


About Wayne - MFGS Products

Been in financial service since 1984 and move agency and online business model to the internet in 2013. Our business continues to provide insurance products online as well as consumer products that consumers want and need. Helping families realize their dreams and goals while improving their lifestyle today and at retirement - the way they dreamed it would be.
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